Social/Digital Copywriter (Freelance)



Marketing & Communications
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

About us

Playground is a mission-driven company, dedicated to helping create a world where everyone can build and belong to the community. Our next-gen social platform aims to connect people through shared experiences and interests, creating more meaningful relationships online and in real life.

The Role

A Freelance Copywriter is responsible for coming up with bespoke creative ideas for Playground marketing department. They understand how to concept big ideas, and the process that produces great creative. They fully grasp the marriage of our brand, business objectives, product, and community. Along with delivering business solutions, they proactively share social, digital, and email communication ideas that inspire. Working closely together with the CEO, COO, Chief of Community, and design department (Meet the Edge), you will solve the more complex briefs and make work that drives creative excellence.

You Will:

Develop and improve upon product copy:
Meet with our UX lead regularly (3-5 days/wk) to finalize copy in ongoing product design elements, and respond to product copy tasks asynchronously.
Develop and improve upon email campaigns:
Review and improve current transactional email copy
Develop new transactional email copy
Review and improve upon current automated email copy
Plan and develop new email marketing campaigns in accordance with product updates and key business timelines.
Develop and strengthen our brand voice and presence across all social platforms: Instagram and Twitter posts and managing comment sections across our social media platforms (Playground Chatroom, Twitter, IG comment section) in order to
Help expand our digital presence
Drive brand affinity by engaging with consumers regularly
Increase engagement rate
Build our Playground and Twitter communities and social footprints
You will collaborate with the rest of the brand team to ensure the brand stays true to its core values while still generating excitement across social channels.

We will count on you to:

Write for the platform
Deliver content against all calendar deadlines for product launches and brand campaigns
Assist the brand team in strategizing how best to optimize Playground Chatrooms
Write for social:
Collaborate with the Chief of Community/Design Team to ensure we are always on top of hitting cultural trends that drive engagement and promote viral moments that can be cross-promoted onto other social channels.
Digest creative briefs and develop content ideas further for launches (for your owned channels)
Work with the design team to create a library of potential IG post copy and Tweets for our social team to pull from to post
Push the brand forward by presenting new ideas for how Playground can show up in the ever-evolving social space, not only responding to trends but starting them.
Stay up-to-date on culture and web 3 trends that may inspire new ideas for the content being pushed out.
Write for email marketing:
Create organic content for emails, articles
Participate in strategic campaign and content planning sessions to understand content/copy needs, review campaign and creative briefs, and execute requests for new copy and/or adaptations.
Create an email communications cadence for our community/marketing team

You Have

A minimum of 3 years relevant experience
Demonstrated communications experience with Twitter, Discord, and Tiktok
A love for storytelling
A knack for writing quick-witted, funny, and sharp content with a nod to culture and current events
A strong understanding of the digital niche communities and what content will perform best within your owned platforms.
An ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet competing deadlines through prioritization

Bonus Points!

A love for helping & empowering others
Have helped build communities before as an admin or moderator
Looking to work with a psychologically safe and values-driven team
A passion for getting out of your comfort zone and gaining new experiences
Excited to have a direct impact on a young brand in a hot space
A desire to break the internet


PS: Research* shows that while men apply to jobs when they meet about 60% of job criteria, women and individuals from marginalized groups tend to apply only when they check every box. If you think you have what it takes but you’re not sure that you check every box, apply anyway!